Cataracts in Children Everything You Need to Know

Cataracts form when the eye’s clear lens becomes cloudy. Pediatric cataracts affect youngsters. A cataract blocks retinal light. The retina provides crisp vision. Your child’s cataract may not affect their vision.


Birth cataracts can have many causes. Congenital cataracts affect newborns. “Acquired” cataracts develop after birth. Some of the reasons why kids get cataracts are as follows:

  • Glaucoma- 

In rare situations, glaucoma can produce cataracts. Cataracts can worsen the impact of other eye conditions.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Cataracts can also develop due to other diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Steroid-

Steroid use increases the risk of cataracts. Cataracts in the eyes can be caused by steroid that may be present in the medication you are taking while pregnancy.

  • Poison

If you ingest a poisonous substance without realizing it, it could trigger a reaction in your body and eyes, leading to cataracts.

  • Diabetes

High blood sugar increases cataract risk in diabetics. Diabetes causes cataracts. Maintaining a healthy blood sugar level reduces cataract risk.

  • Injury

Injuries to the eyes can also bring on cataracts. A cataract may form in the affected eye if you’ve sustained an eye injury.

  • The Down Syndrome

A lack of 21st chromosome results in Down syndrome. It’s called trisomy 21. Cognitive and physical development will be slower. This syndrome raises children’s cataract risk.

  • Radiation

Cataracts in the eyes are a potential side effect of radiation therapy, which a child may have had if they have been exposed to radiation for whatever reason.


Each cataract-affected youngster has unique symptoms. Cataracts can cause:

  • Vision Problem:

You can’t see details and co colors

  • Poor Focus:

Objects look blurry or out of focus. Cloudiness in your eye’s lens may impair your vision.



Treatment depends on your child’s health, age, symptoms, and severity. Doctors can treat your child’s cataract. Contact lenses or eyeglasses can sometimes help. Children older than 1 year undergo cataract eye surgery. New lenses are implanted. Kid’s cataract surgery is possible. Child surgery requires sedation. Small cataracts don’t need to be removed. Immediately remove anything that impacts a child’s vision because it can affect long-term vision. Child cataracts are common.




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