How to Care Your Eyes after Lasik Surgery

Once you have undergone the eye surgery it is your sole responsibility to stick to the habits of postoperative eye care as this will ensure your success of the eye surgery. It is worth to state here that in order to witness quick results for your eye surgery you need to follow the post-operative eye care rules that are prescribed by your optometrist.

What is Lasik Surgery?

Lasik surgery is typical laser surgery and is extremely a quick procedure. In Lasik surgery, the recovery process is also very fast as compared to other forms of eye surgery. A person who has undergone this surgery can continue regular work after a couple of days of the surgery. However to get the best result your doctor will prescribe you some precautions and will also ask you to refrain from certain activities for the next few days. You must follow these precautions sincerely so that you get effective results.

What to do immediately after the Lasik surgery

After the Lasik surgery has been done successfully you need to wear dark glasses to ensure that your eyes protected from bright lights. Your doctor will also prescribe you to wear protective eyewear during sleep to avoid accidental scratching. Another important feature of the protective eyewear is that it will help you to prevent your eyes from getting dried up easily. After the first few days of the surgery, it will take time for your eyes to return to the normal stage.

What one should do to care for their eyes for the first few weeks?

This is one of the vital stages and you need to adhere to the eye care advice that is given to you for the first few weeks strictly. You need to avoid makeups, lotions, especially around your eye area. You need to clean your eye regularly to ensure that your eyes are free from dust particles. If you are sportsman then you need to give up with your profession for at least a month. Always wears protective eyewear to ensure shield of your ways, it will also help you to avoid glaring lights.

Eye care for the first few months

Lasik surgery is a very quick process and your eyes adapt to it very easily, but the determination of the quality of your vision totally depends on the first few months of eye care. In order to get back with your stable vision, it might take anything between three to six months. After the first few months, you might experience glares and may face difficulty during driving. This is felt especially at night. However, you will experience these factors for the first few months and if you see it persist more than that then you must not hesitate to inform your doctor about it. In case if you see that the symptoms worsen then you need to report to the Best Eye doctor or Hospital immediately.


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