Precaution After Lasik

Are you working with the chemicals or the machinery? Do you have a lot of the dust in your work? If you are considering the Lasik eye surgery or the Laser eye surgery, then you have to protect your eyes at your workstation. Lasik eye surgery is the surgical procedure that uses the various kinds […]

FAQs About Lasik Eye Surgery

Most of us have various eye disorders/diseases and we have frequently heard that attaining a Lasik Eye Surgery in India would solve many of our eye issues and perhaps give us a better life. However, many of us are less informed or uninformed about the real meaning of LASIK as an eye procedure/treatment. In this […]

What Are The Various Home Remedies Of The Dry Eye Syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome is the chronic and the progressive disease. In most of the cases, this disease is not fully curable. But the treatment helps to manage the dry eyes successfully. Dry eye treatment will provide you the greater level of the eye comfort and sharper vision also. What are the various causes of the […]

Be Aware of Chemical Burns to the Eyes: What to do!

Chemical burns or chemical exposure to the eyes account for almost 10% of all eye injuries. Chemical burns are merely described as those burns that can cause damage to the internal or external organs. Chemical burns to the eyes are common and they occur in homes, workplaces, laboratories, or in any other place. Chemical burns […]

3 Best Eye Relaxing Exercises

Eye strain is the critical factor in case of the poor eyesight. The results are blurry eyes, ocular headaches, flashes, dry eyes etc. The best eye treatment in India is provided by Rana hospital. Most of the people just rub their eyes and go back to their work. It is very bad for your eyesight. […]

Are You Considering a LASIK Eye Surgery? First Know This

Laser eye surgery has emerged as the top priority for correcting refractive disorders in humans. Specifically, LASIK eye procedures are the newest solutions to combat poor vision and perhaps prevent total blindness. A majority of individuals is fed up of eyeglasses and contact lenses that are a bit stressful when trying to eliminate infections and […]

Simple, but Effective exercises for Eye Strain

The visual system may depict no signs that it is tired from the regular functions, but it is mainly your responsibility to take care of it. Regular activities using the computer for a long time, driving throughout the day, reading for extended periods and watching movies on screen for long hours, especially on laptops may […]