Air Pollution and Eyes: Effects and its Prevention

For many days, the pollution levels have been alarming. It has been rising since the last festive season owing to the combination of factors such as vehicular pollution, burning of firecrackers, and stubble burning all across the state.  This pollution has caused a lot of problems in all organs of our body, especially the eyes. The eyes are very sensitive to the air around them and the toxic environment causes lots of diseases of the eyes.

Automobile exhaust produces C4 and C5 olefins which irritates the eyes. It causes


– Burning in eyes

– Conjunctivitis ‘Pink eyes’

–  Glaucoma

– Dry Eye Syndrome (Irreversible)

– Vision Loss due to dryness and infection in the eyes

Protection of eyes: Prevention is better than cure

Prevention of eyes from allergens:

  • Wear good quality sunglasses (UV Blocking) whenever outdoors
  • If any particulate enters the eyes, avoid rubbing of eyes as it causes abrasions on the black part of the eyes
  • If a foreign body sensation is there, wash the eyes with clean water
  • Discontinue use of contact lenses when too much pollution is there
  • Over-the-counter drugs like Refresh Tears are helpful in mild cases
  • Never try to remove any particulate matter from the eye by yourself or with a visiting card (a practice commonly seen in rural India) or any sharp object

If the irritation still persists, visit an ophthalmologist

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