3 Best Eye Relaxing Exercises

Eye strain is the critical factor in case of the poor eyesight. The results are blurry eyes, ocular headaches, flashes, dry eyes etc. The best eye treatment in India is provided by Rana hospital. Most of the people just rub their eyes and go back to their work. It is very bad for your eyesight.

EYE, Eye problems and eye exercises.

According to the viewpoint of the modern medicine, accommodation is done by the contraction. Relaxation of the ciliary muscle is the application of pressure on the lens to change its form means the change in the refraction angle. Some of the early experiments have proved that focusing requires the accommodation. But with the latest experiments specifies that focus has no concerned with the lens. Even we remove the lens, the person continues to focus. This is achieved with the extracular muscle. Extracular muscles are the combination of six muscles that control the movement of the eyes. The common eye problems are Myopia, presbyopia and astigmatism. In order to correct the vision, eye exercises are important.

Conditions for all Eye exercise are:

  • The first condition is that all the eye exercises are performed regularly.
    The second condition is that there has to be a break for 2 to 3 days.

  • The third condition is to remove the eyeglasses and contacts when you don’t need these actually.

  • The fourth condition is that you must have a good mood before starting the exercise.

3 eye relaxing exercise suggested by best eye hospital in India

1. Palming: In this exercise, Rub your hand for 10 to 15 minutes until your hands feel warm and energized. Then gently place your hands on the eyes. Your fingertips must be on the forehead, the palm must be over the eyes and heels of the hands must be on the cheeks. Please, not to touch your eyeball directly and allow your hands to create a curtain of darkness in front of your eyes. Now, close your eyes and take a deep breath and relax. Continue the palming action as long as you don’t feel relax.

2. Eye-rolling: The second exercise for the eye relaxation is the eye – rolling. In this exercise, firstly you upright the long spine and take a relaxing breath. Then soft your gaze by relaxing the muscles of your eyes and face. Now, don’t move your head, directly gaze towards the ceiling. After that, rotate your eyes clockwise. Then focus on the one object, this will help you to feel relax. Repeat this process three times and feel relax.

3. Focus shifting: In this exercise, firstly relax your body and take breath comfortably. Hold the first arm in front of you with the thumb pointing up. Now, Focus on the Thumb. Then slowly move your thumb towards to your nose. Now, pause for the breath. Then again lengthen your arm to the original starting position.

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