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Cataract Eye Disorder & What the young need to know

Cataract is one of the commonest eye disorders in aging males and females, but it can also attack those aged below the age of 50. According to eye specialists, the disorder has a high potential for causing blindness. Cataract is described by the following Cloudiness Loss of transparency of the natural crystalline lens The lens […]

The Global Vision Conference 2020: Helping everyone see

In addition, 90% of visually impaired people live in developing countries, according to an estimation of (WHO) World Health Organization. WHO has joined forces with the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB), professional associations, International Memberships of NGOs, Corporations as well as different Eye Care Institutions to initiate the different protocols to eliminate […]

Correcting Vision; which Lasik Procedure is right for you

The the word Lasik is a collective term for the many Laser eye surgeries performed today in the most eye care centres and hospitals in India today. Not everyone can make a good candidate for the Lasik eye surgery, but an evaluation can be considered to know your success chances. LASIK eye surgeries are a […]

Why go For Lasik and if not, what are the available options

We all have concerns over our general health and the same goes to our eyes, especially when we have vision difficulties. LASIK eye surgery is one of the commonly performed surgery to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and as well as astigmatism, but as much as the surgery is widely performed to correct vision, there are various […]

Blade/Baldeless LASIK Surgery

The advent technology has presented different choices when it comes to Vision Correction procedures. Blade and Bladeless Lasik procedures are performed to correct vision, but it requires a decision before either of them is used. The terms Blade and Bladeless Lasik are not of any bigger difference except the type of flap created in each […]

Do you suffer from Dry eyes? Get Effective Treatment to live freely

Dry Eye Syndrome is at times a chronic condition that can persist for a longer period than expected. It is typically progressive and it can create discomfort during daily activities. Artificial tears (a form of eye drops) are always the first treatment for lubricating the eyes affected by dryness due to daily activities like watching […]