Poor Oral Health & Vision Loss- Here is What to Know

Have you ever noticed that patients associated with tobacco have a number of vision issues? In this case, we also consider second-hand smokers. The latest studies indicate that patients with gum or dental issues have vision/ eyesight issues. As we clearly know that our vision deteriorates with age, a number of young patients experience visual […]

What could Your Hair Loss & Blurred Vision Indicate About Your Health ?

As we age, we experience various medical conditions, many of which are interlinked. With research, various medical conditions have been linked to a common eye disorder “blurry vision” and an autoimmune or genetic disorder known as hair loss. Currently, hair loss is one of the commonest issues among men and women, and rather than seeking […]

Describing a Laser Eye Surgery

The trending news in the Ophthalmology sector still remains the laser surgical approach of correcting visual disorders. Also known as LASIK the surgery involves the utilization of a laser light to correct vision by cutting through the cornea. The cornea is a transparent and clear frontal part of the eye and with the help of […]

FAQ’s on Glaucoma for widening your vision

Glaucoma is a condition in the pressure of the eye called as intra-ocular pressure (IOP) is so much high and this will lead to the damage to the optic nerve of the eye. India has been developed in the medical field and a large number of the patients comes to India for obtaining the best […]

लेसिक उपचार – आँखों की देखभाल

लेसिक उपचार जिसका पूरा नाम लेज़र इन सीटू केटमीलेयसिस है | इसमें मनुष्य की आँखों को बिना चीर–फाड़ किये ठीक किया जा सकता है | अगर मुनष्य की आंख के रेटिना ( गोलाकार जो आंख के अंदर होता है ) में कोई विकार है या वह गोलाकार न रह कर खराब हो गया है | […]

What are the different roles of Optometrist in Eye Care?

Optometrists are the eye doctors that need to contact in case of the ocular conditions. Optometrists play the vital role in order to prevent you from the blindness. Optometrists are the great providers of the vision correction. Most of the people think that Optometrists are the professional who only test eye and the prescribe the […]


One of the common question that arises in the every person mind that whether the Lasik eye surgery is suitable for the old people or not. This is wonderful that the senior people can also be the candidate for the Lasik eye surgery. Old people can be the candidate for the Lasik eye surgery if […]

20-20-20 Rule: An Alternative Solution To All Eye Problems

Digital screens are now in trend. All the places where we see, we will find the digital screens. All the screens have the negative impact on the eyes. Most of the eye surgeons recommend the 20-20-20 rule for the eye health care. Eye Care and Digital Eye Strain Eyes are the greatest blessing of the […]


Are you working with the chemicals or the machinery? Do you have a lot of the dust in your work? If you are considering the Lasik eye surgery or the Laser eye surgery, then you have to protect your eyes at your workstation. Lasik eye surgery is the surgical procedure that uses the various kinds […]

FAQs About Lasik Eye Surgery

Most of us have various eye disorders/diseases and we have frequently heard that attaining a Lasik Eye Surgery in India would solve many of our eye issues and perhaps give us a better life. However, many of us are less informed or uninformed about the real meaning of LASIK as an eye procedure/treatment. In this […]